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: S. Masterman

Dear Trout Fisher:

Are you frustrated by watching others catch more trout than you and wondering what their secret is? Tired of having more bad days than good ones?

Perhaps you're new to trout fishing and wondering how to catch trout? Maybe you're wondering what kind or rod, reel, line, hook and bait to use. If you've ever been in a sporting goods store, you know how overwhelming the choices can be!

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you've come to the right place! This eBook was created to help you become a master trout angler!

Are Others Keeping Secrets From You?

Believe it or not, there are trout fishing tips and secrets that many anglers would rather not share with you. Why? Because it either makes themselves look better or they're trying to keep a favorite fishing spot a secret.

I don't work this way! I love trout fishing and love showing others how to catch more fish!

I grew up fishing and surrounded by people willing to share their fishing tips and secrets ... and I even discovered a few of my own.

I'm also very curious by nature and so I've spent countless years studying trout and how and why some things works and some don't.

Whether you're a beginner trout fisher or an intermediate angler, here's your opportunity to discover everything you need to know to raise your game to the next level.

Here's your chance to discover some of the best trout fishing techniques, tips, and secrets that have been proven to work in catching trout!

Trout fishing is a lot of fun (when you're catching trout)! But if you're not catching trout, it can be very boring and frustrating!

Understanding Trout is the
Key to Successfully Catching Them!

Trout behave differently in lakes, rivers and streams, which often pose many challenges for anglers. Some of the best lake fishers struggle to catch trout in rivers and streams - and vice versa.

Not only do trout behave differently in lakes compared to rivers and streams, but different species of trout also behave a bit differently. And wild trout offer far more challenges than hatchery trout.

And if those weren't enough challenges, you also have geography, elevations, temperature, seasonal, and other factors - all of which affect your ability to catch trout.

Some folks are able to master a lake, river or stream in their area and then find themselves challenged after moving to another state. For some, it's almost like starting over!

Did you know there are at least 8 different common species of trout as well as several different hybrid and subspecies of trout?

There's rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, golden trout, bull trout, apache trout, gila trout, and lake trout - to name a few. Then there are common hybrid trout such as tiger trout, splake trout, brookinaw trout, brownbow trout, bowcutt trout and more.

While still part of the trout family, all of these different trout species offer unique challenges to trout fishers.

Ever stood by watching others catch trout and wondered what you were doing wrong? Ever find yourself wondering what bait or lure they were using?

I've been there and done that! I’ve had good fishing days and bad ones. I know the frustration of spending all day at the lake catching nothing but weeds, twigs, and other people's abandoned tackle. I’ve come home with only a sunburn as proof I’ve been at the lake or river all day.

I've spent years fishing for trout and figured I knew every trick in the book. And yet, I've watched others around me catch more trout and wondered what they were doing differently.

I've been able to catch trout at one lake, but then struggle at others using the same trout fishing techniques. But then one day, things changed!

So let me ask you this..

Would you like to discover how to catch trout more more consistently, and in less time?

Do You Want to be an Average Trout Fisher
or a Great Trout Fisher?

I learned how to trout fish when I was about 5 years old (which means I’ve been fishing for over 35 years). I’ve caught thousands of trout over the years. But still, I felt like I was having too many bad fishing days.

Then one day, I decided it was time to change things! My nephews wanted me to teach them how to trout fish - and that of course that meant I needed to start catching more trout, more often. And I needed to be able to answer all of their questions!

So I started researching every technique known to man. I read countless fishing articles and books. I watched trout fishing videos. I listened to all the trout experts and their tips. I talked with local fishermen, trout biologists and various folks at the Fish and Game Departments (practically driving them crazy with all of my questions!).

I started putting my math and science knowledge to work.that training to good use. I started paying attention to how trout behaved in different situations, and I started taking notes on what worked and what didn't when I was fishing.

Then I started learning how different lakes require different tackle and tactics. Water clarity, structure of the lake, and other things play a significant role in the appropriate tackle and fishing techniques used. One day, I discovered a fishing technique that seemed totally illogical - but helped me quickly catch my limit at one lake!

Next, I started studying trout - how they behave and how their senses work. I learned how trout behave differently in lakes compared to rivers and streams. I learned the difference between hatchery trout and wild trout. I learned how a trout's metabolism works and how water temperature affects it - as well as my ability to catch them! In short, I learned to think like trout.

Knowing What Doesn't Work
is Half the Battle

When all was said and done, I discovered that I had been fishing passively – that is, throwing my bait out and waiting for a fish to swim by and grab it. Sometimes it worked, but more often it didn’t.

I knew I was fishing with bait and lures trout liked – but what I didn’t know was how my handling them was turning fish off. I came to understand why a trusted lure would work one day, but not the next.

I started trying old fishing techniques that I had learned for saltwater fishing – and I started catching trout with those same techniques. These techniques take an aggressive approach to trout fishing.

I also discovered that in difficult fishing months (like summer), I had to take a more active approach to getting my hook where the fish were actually feeding – as opposed to waiting and hoping they’d find my hook.

And when I put all these new found lessons together, I discovered that I was catching a lot more trout in half the time. I was having more good days than bad days. I was even able to catch trout in the hottest summer months when nobody else was. Why? I learned how to find the right the depth the trout were feeding when surface waters became too warm for them. And you can too!

Now I Want to Share These
Trout Fishing Secrets With You ...

I love to share information with others – especially information that makes their life easier. Nothing is more frustrating than spending all day fishing and coming home empty handed. I want you to enjoy catching more trout! And of course, I'd love for you to be the hero in your kid's eyes when you teach them how to fish!

I’ve read just about every other trout fishing eBook out there and while some were good, they still seemed to be lacking something. None of them seemed to cover more than one topic - and pictures were scarce. Let's face it - many of us learn better by seeing actual images.

One of the eBooks I read covers spinner fishing for trout in rivers and streams – but nothing else. Another eBook focused on nymph fishing for trout – but nothing else. And while there is a plethora of information on fly fishing for trout, there is very little for spin fishing. While those eBooks did contain some nice information, I wanted an eBook that covers multiple trout fishing tactics including lake fishing and spin fishing.

There are a variety of fishing techniques for trout – but most people stick to one or two. One of the most important lessons I learned was that if you're not catching trout, it's time to change tactics!

But none of these other eBooks offered more than one or two trout fishing techniques. None of them covered lake fishing. And let's face it, fishing for trout in lakes is a LOT different then fishing for them in rivers and streams.

You can find all sorts of eBooks for bass fishing – but not near as many for trout.

So I decided it was time to fix this problem. I decided to compile all of the knowledge and tips I’ve learned over the years from other fishermen and countless articles written by pros, as well as my own experiences to create my own trout fishing resource.

I figured if I wrote down all the questions that people were always asking me, then others would benefit too. See what others are saying about the Trout Fishing Tips eBook.


I just wanted to thank you so much for the tips... My first  time out after reading you Ebook I landed the biggest fish I've ever caught!!! Thanks so much!!! Sal

~Sal DeLeon

Trout Fisherman

“I’ve been fishing for over 50 years! And yet I learned a few new tricks reading this eBook. I caught 3 trout the first hour after trying them. Thanks for sharing”!

~ Ken Byers
Las Cruces, NM


"Thanks for the these tips! They were easy to apply and I started catching trout 2 minutes after casting my line! I've learned how to pick better fishing spots and now have a better understanding of how much temperature plays a big role in fishing".

~Joe Vandersmitte
Escondido, CA

Trout Angler

“Those spinners really do the trick. My family and I were catching trout all day long using nothing but spinners! I had as much fun as the kids did”.

~ Tim Dougherty
Glendale, AZ


"I didn't think after fishing for over 57 years that there would be much more for me to learn. Within minutes of my daughter giving me the book, I found forgotten tips, new techniques, and more information about catching trout than I thought possible. Putting these simple steps into practice will be easy with the thorough explanations in this book, my wife, however, may complain about how many more trout she has to cook. Thank you."

~ Lyle Mills
Lava Hot Springs, ID

"Thanks a lot Sherryl. I'm really so glad that I did a Goggle search and found your website. Your books are great! They answer every question I ever had about Trout fishing. Your Bass book is very good also. I'll have to try some of the many Trout recipes too. Thanks again, Pete.

~Pete Potosky
Greenville, South Carolina


Trout Fishing Tips for Everybody ... Well, Almost

If you search the internet looking for information on trout fishing - you'll find loads of information on fly fishing. But according to a recent survey, over 57% of trout anglers use spinning rods and reels - not fly rods.

Finding good trout fishing resources for spin fishers can be challenging and time consuming. For that reason, the majority of this eBook is devoted to spin fishing for trout. There is one chapter devoted to beginning fly fishing for trout. But anglers using spinning rods and reels will benefit most from this eBook.

While the Trout Fishing Tips eBook was written with beginner and intermediate anglers in mind, it's a good resource for all trout fishers - regardless of experience level. That's because unlike other eBooks, this one covers all the major trout species.

Great fishermen think outside the box. They're always looking to increase their knowledge and skill. And they'll be the first to tell you that listening to others (experienced and novice anglers) is a necessary skill in achieving that goal, because they may be on to something that you've never heard of or tried before!

Most trout anglers only experience catching rainbow, brown or brook trout. Many never get to enjoy the experience of catching lake, bull, steelhead, speckled or apache trout. What you catch depends largely on where you live. And there's only one place in the world you can catch apache trout - and that's in the White Mountains of Arizona!

Many of us have been fortunate enough to live in other areas and have had more trout fishing opportunities and experiences than others. I've tried to include information and tips for all major species of trout in this eBook to help you catch them should you move or travel to places which offer these trout species.

The Trout Fishing Tips eBook is ideal for those wanting to:
    • Learn how to catch trout (it's a complete beginner's & intermediate anglers guide)

    • Learn how to more trout more often (understanding why, when and how trout bite will increase the number of catches while decreasing random luck).

    • Learn how to read a river or stream (knowing where to find trout is half the battle)

    • Learn about different trout species (increase your knowledge and fishing opportunities)

    • Learn proper fishing etiquette (earn respect by knowing the unwritten rules of fishing)

    • Learn the science behind fishing (understanding how water and weather conditions affect spinner and lure choice, and when you fish will greatly improve your success rate)


What Makes this Trout Fishing eBook
Different than Others?

Good question! As I mentioned earlier, there are some descent trout fishing eBooks available - and I've read just about all of them all. Why? Because I love fishing and am always anxious to discover a new trout fishing tip or secret that works.

Reading all of these eBooks has also helped me discover where others fall short. I'm a curious person by nature and always have a lot of questions. And I figure if I'm asking questions about something, chances are others are too.

So I've included more information and resources in this eBook than others have. I've also included a LOT of pictures - something the other eBooks didn't have. You'll get to see photos of real trout, tackle, and bait.

How often have you've heard terms like "spinners, spoons, jigs, downrigger, etc." and wish you could see one for yourself so you knew exactly what the other person was talking about? Now you can!

I've included simple illustrations of downrigs so you can see how to set one up for yourself. I've included pictures of spinners, jigs, and spoons - so you can see the difference between them. There are photos (not illustrations) of each of the different trout species so you can see first hand what they really look like and how they compare to one another.

There are simple illustrations to help you understand how seasonal changes affect the water in a lake - and how that in turn affects your trout fishing technique! There are more pictures and illustrations in this eBook than you'll find in any other.

Not only is this a complete beginner's trout fishing resource, it also has information for intermediate and advanced trout anglers who would like a better understanding of how science relates to trout fishing or gain a better understanding of other trout species. So no matter what your skill level, you'll be able to raise your game to the next level!

And best of all - you'll get free updates for life! No kidding! One of the biggest advantages of eBooks is that it can easily be updated and shared with others.

From time to time, I've made changes to the eBook based on reader feedback in and effort to produce a top quality trout fishing resource. And I want you to always have the best and most recent information to help you catch trout.

Here are just some of the topics covered
in this trout fishing guide …

How to fish for trout in lakes (not covered in other eBooks). Learn how fishing in lakes is different than fishing in river and streams... and how trout feeding habits are also different.

Save time and frustration by learning techniques that work in still water lakes.



Trolling techniques trout can’t ignore (not covered in other eBooks). Get detailed instructions for setting up a downrigger and using it to troll versus throwing your line out and towing it behind the boat.

Catch bigger and more aggressive trout using downriggers



Jigging techniques that attract trout (not covered in other eBooks).

Impress friends and family by catching trout with this often overlooked technique and feel the excitement of hard strikes!


Effective fishing techniques with nightcrawlers and mealworms (not covered in other eBooks).

Catch more trout using some well-kept secrets.


Fishing with multiple hook and floating worm harnesses (not covered in other eBooks).

Fish can’t steal your worm!!


Seasonal fishing challenges and how they affect you. Learn how water temperature affects trout feeding habits and your ability to catch trout .

No more frustration fishing in those warm summer months


Different casting techniques (for spin fishers).

Get your bait in those tight spots where trout are often hiding


Tackle requirements and set up for trout fishing. Learn how to setup your fishing pole for trout fishing and which kinds of bait and lures work best.

Save time and money by getting the right tackle the first time



Circular hooks versus traditional J-hooks (not covered in other eBooks). Advantages of stainless steel hooks are also discussed.

Practice safer catch-and-release and learn how a circular hook can offer an advantage in catching fish with hard bony mouths.



Trout facts & senses. Learn how trout metabolism affects their feeding habits as well as how your handling of bait can turn trout off.

Catch more trout by learning to think like them


Trout identification (not covered in other eBooks ). Learn about the different types of trout (rainbow, lake, steelhead, speckled, bull, apache, gila trout and more).

Impress others with your knowledge and ability to recognize different trout species. Fishing tips have been included which apply specifically to speckled trout, steelhead trout, lake trout, apache trout and others.


Trout fly fishing for beginners. If you're thinking about fly fishing, this chapter is a nice introduction.

Add excitement and skill by learning to catch trout by fly fishing (note this is an intro only - knowledge is too basic for experienced fly fisher).


Fishing Etiquette.

Earn respect from other fishers by knowing the unwritten rules of fishing.


Trout fishing records for every state (not covered in other eBooks).

Easy quick reference for you to help you determine if your catch is a record breaker! This resource even provides links to each state’s records, so the information is never out of date.


U.S. Fish and Game resources for each state.

Quick and easy access to your state’s fishing regulations



Links to more resources to help further your trout fishing experience.

You don’t have to struggle to find the right resources to help further your fishing knowledge.

And that's only some of the information you'll find in this trout fishing resource. There's also an introduction to speckled and steelhead trout fishing - along with fishing tips and secrets these highly sought after trout.

You will also learn about three trout species which are currently listed on the Federal Endangered's List as "threatened" and how this status affects your ability to fish for them.

No other trout fishing resource has as much information about the different trout species nor offers tips for fishing for each of them.

How much is this information worth?  

How much is all this worth to you?

If you could catch more trout, how much frustration and embarrassment would that save you?

What if you could catch your limit more times than not?

If you're like me, you've spent over $130 in trout lures, spinners and other baits in your tackle box and have yet to actually put them to proper use.

If you're a beginner, you could easily spend more money by buying the wrong fishing equipment (pole, line, reel, hooks, etc.). These kind of mistakes are not only costly, but very frustrating as well.

Fishing guides and instructors charge several hundred dollars an hour or day to share their trout fishing knowledge with you - and most of them will not guarantee you'll catch trout (there are some things out of their control).

I spent years and $1000's learning everything I could about trout fishing ... and I'm going to give it all to you in this 140-page eBook for just $27.

Here’s your chance to discover the trout tips and secrets others are using to pull in trout after trout ... without spending a fortune!

How Would You Like to Get More
Trout Fishing Resources for FREE?

Not only do I want you to learn how to catch trout, but I want to give you everything you need to really get the most out of trout fishing.

So if you order today, I’m going to give you these additional bonuses for FREE. These bonuses will only be available for a limited time. If you want to get them for free, you must order today.


Trout Fishing Tips eBook Cover

Free Updates for Life!

(Priceless Value - Yours FREE!)

I'm always striving to make this the best trout fishing resource possible - which means new information is added periodically.

Having material in an eBook makes it easy for me to share those updates to you. Each time the eBook is updated, you'll receive the updated version in your email (can it be any easier?).



Trout Recipes eBook

Gaston's Gourmet Trout Recipes

(Valued at $29 dollars - Yours FREE!)

Once you’ve caught all those trout, you’ll have to clean and cook them. What better way to impress your friends and family than preparing a great trout meal with fresh trout you just caught? This eBook contains gourmet recipes exclusive to Gaston's White River Resort. This free eBook is chalk full of 68 tantalizing trout recipes you won’t find anywhere else.



Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners eBook

Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners

(Valued at $29 dollars - Yours FREE!)

Learning to be a good fly fisherman takes practice. But learning tips from others is a great way to accelerate your learning. This free eBook contains 101 tips, which are sure to help beginners new to fly fishing.Tips 65 – 79 are specific to trout fishing.

Fly fishing tips for bass and salmon are also included. You’d have to know a good fly fisherman or pay an instructor a small fortune or to get this kind of know-how advice.



Bass Fishing 101

(Valued at $27 dollars - Yours FREE!)

Most trout fishers enjoy catching bass in the warmer months when trout fishing becomes more difficult.

This eBook will show you everything you need to know to begin bass fishing. You'll learn where to find bass and how to fish for them. You'll even learn how to use different bass fishing techniques like "walk the dog".



Fish Finder Report Cover

Fish Finders - How They Work and Choosing the Right One

(Valued at $15 dollars - Yours FREE!)

Finding trout is half the battle to catching them! And buying a good fish finder will cost hundreds of dollars.

This time-saving guide shows you how fish finders work and provides valuable information about the various features so you can buy the right fish finder for you! You too can find trout like a pro and improve your success rate when trout fishing!



That’s Nearly FOUR Times The Value … Yours at No Additional Cost!

You'll get instant access to our secure download site, so that you can start discovering all of these trout fishing techniques within minutes.

PLUS, you'll also receive your FIVE Super Bonuses (valued at $100 but yours free!) INSTANTLY... including "Gaston’s Gourmet Trout Recipes” which will show you how to impress friends and family with freshly prepared trout meals.

And because I want to prove to you that I’m serious about wanting to help you catch more trout, I’m going to I’m going to put my money where my mouth is with this:

100%, No Hassles, No Questions Asked, 30-Day Guarantee!

Money Back GuaranteeTake one full year to examine and use these trout fishing tips. That’s right. You have 30 days to put this valuable resource to work for you. You can personally test every fishing technique described over the next month. You can test each seasonal tip yourself. Once you’ve experienced first hand how this resource can help you catch more trout, I’m confident you’ll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if you aren’t satisfied, for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out one red cent. Just send me an email and I’ll refund your entire payment. Right up to the final day of this 30-day guarantee!

You can even keep the free bonuses!

There’s ZERO risk on your part. You have nothing to lose … and everything to gain!

Start Using These Strategies and
Receive Your FREE Bonuses
in The Next 5 Minutes...

Here's your chance to really learn how to catch trout like the pro's do. Basic tackle information and more is in this one trout fishing resource. Here’s your chance to put an end to hours of frustration and embarrassment from coming home empty handed. No more second thoughts of stopping off at the store to buy fish on your way home.

And if you've never fished, this is your opportunity to learn how to catch trout right from the start - without spending a fortune on equipment.

This is your opportunity to impress others with your ability to catch more trout. There’s absolutely no risk on your part.

You don’t even have to pay shipping and handling costs. You get IMMEDIATE DELIVERY . So why wait? You could be out fishing today with these new tips and tricks. Order today and get all of the bonus ebooks for FREE (valued at $96, but yours free!).

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Discover These Proven Trout Fishing
Tips & Secrets NOW ...

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You Get Everything for only $27!

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S. Masterman
Trout Master

P.S. This resource contains trout fishing tips, secrets and information about different trout species you won't find in any other eBook!

P.P..S. With these proven strategies, I guarantee you'll catch more trout!


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